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Every post I have written in the last couple months has started off with me saying how crazy things have been and how time just flies by…

So I am going to spare you for today and just get on with it!

I get several emails from various blogs on health, fitness etc…  ( maybe someday I will actually adhere to some of the advice!).

I read this quote from Mark Sisson at Marksdailyapple.com and just had to save it for a blog post.

I just really loved the message and although he is specifically talking about buying organic vs. conventional produce, I think it can apply in so many areas of our lives.

” Live your life, enjoy it. Be with loved ones, talk with friends. Play as much as possible, get sun when it’s available. Feel the ground on your bare feet, walk every day, and lift some heavy stuff now and then. Ruminate on the awesomeness that is life, and try to find peace with where and what you are. Laugh. If some measly pesticides manage to do you harm despite all that other stuff, at least you’ll have lived a good life.”

(Read more: http://www.marksdailyapple.com/so-is-organic-a-scam/#ixzz2AHU7WDfM)

Good Perspective, I think.

I always try to remind myself of all of these things as it is so easy to get off course.  All it takes is one thing to knock you off your game and it feels virtually impossible to get back on.

Our whole family has been derailed lately and it seems like the law of the universe that when one thing gets thrown off it starts a snowball.

Our snowball was heading down the hill at a pretty fast pace, but as I read this quote today, I am reminded that I have the ability to control how I respond to crisis.  And more importantly, I have the ability to ruminate on the awsomeness in my life and get us back on track ( I hope ).

Until next time (sooner than later is my plan!),