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Have you ever had a situation that you were so entrenched in that you couldn’t step out of it to get some perspective?

It is amazing that you can have all the education, training, knowledge and experience in an area and then when something happens in your own life or family, you have NO IDEA what to do…

You can always give other people insight, advice and perspective and then when it is you… clueless.

We recently had a situation arise in our family and Brent and I were on the same page as far as our feelings and reaction, but then we were both just stagnant when it came to what to do.

As parents, we always want to make sure we are doing the right thing for our kids, handling situations appropriately and ensuring that they are not going to have negative consequences ( as much as possible) as a result…

It is such a hard balance and so stressful!  This responsibility to keep our kids safe and happy and well adjusted is such a huge thing…

Anywho….  we were able to seek some help and we were given such a valuable tool that I wanted to share 🙂

Bottom line….

In every situation you really have 5 choices.   The same 5 choices can apply in almost any case.  When you come across a situation that leaves you questioning what to do think of this…

In this situation you can

1. Leave it the same

2. Walk away

3. Make it worse

4. Think about it differently

5. Employ radical acceptance

We were so appreciative of this perspective and it gave us the tool we needed to step outside of our inner turmoil and really look at our choices…   It also gave us the reassurance we needed to know that we felt we were doing the right thing moving forward…


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Another parenting dilemma tackled.

What will be next??  (it’s always something right??)