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So what are blogs for if you can’t put your intentions out into cyberspace in order to hold yourself accountable, and then fail miserably?

Yep. You guessed it.

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The Laundry Challenge.

Day one started out great.  I was in my groove.  I washed the load, I dried the load. I folded the load.


Day two.  I washed the load. I dried the load.

End of story.

As much as I wanted to be that “pinterest” mom who has it all together and makes amazing diy projects while having all of her laundry done and a gourmet meal on the table, I guess I will just have to be content to be this mom.

This mom has laundry baskets stacked in her room ( of clean laundry though!), shoes in the living room, crumbs on the table and floor and absolutely adores her children; all the while recognizing that they can absolutely drive her to have to get regular pedicures for stress relief…

Such is life.  For now.

What do you really look like?