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Well, it didn’t actually “pop” up… it took a lot of people and a lot of hard work!

The Bethany Elementary School Garden was built this past weekend!

This project is so near and dear to me for so many reasons, and I have been honored to be a part of this process with an amazing group of parents.

Although Maddox had a Migraine (boo!) and I couldn’t participate in the actual building process (double boo!), I am working on the student outreach piece of the project.

Our first event…. drumroll please….

Food Day 2012!

Food Day is a nationwide celebration and a movement toward more healthy, affordable, and sustainable food

We have registered our Veggie Voting event and the kiddos will get to taste winter veggies and choose which to plant in their grade level’s garden bed… good times.

Is it bad that as I write this at 10:20am, I am eating popcorn??    A little off the Paleo bandwagon, but quite delish…


What are you snacking on right now??