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Everyday I wake up and I say…  ” today I will do a blog post!”

After all, I have SO much to say, all the time.

And then the day begins.

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The constant running from one thing to another.  The kids, school, volunteering, reading for my upcoming class ( wahoo! ), making lunches, cooking dinner, homework (i.e. torture),grocery shopping, a little Starbucks date here and there….Then I fall into bed, read like two pages of my book ( which is excellent, btw) and the day is over.

It has been two weeks, and no blog post!!!  Lame.

There are so many things I want to share!

Garden Adventures, my work at Brayden’s school and my gripes about budget cuts etc…, Taekwondo, Cooking and recipes, Migraines (yuck!), random thoughts (got lots of those!)…

Blogging consistently is hard work!  I am committed to keeping this going as I have found so much peace in sharing and connecting with you all.

Thank you for being patient with me dear friends!  I will be inundating your inboxes with my randomness in no time!!

What has the last two weeks been like for you??