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Written January 16, 2012.  In response to yesterday’s excerpt by Martin Luther King Jr.

“As I read this amazing excerpt from Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. the first thing that is so moving is his sentiments about how important it is to deeply believe in your worth and somebodiness.  How true is it that in order to really live your passion and dreams, you first have to really know in the deepest part of your soul that you deserve it.

We all deserve to create our dreams and live our lives with passion and joy.  No matter what our circumstances are that have brought us to our current place, our lives are significant.  As I have begun to connect with other women on the topic of really doing what we are meant to do, it seems that there is a disconnect between what we think that others expect of us (and what we expect of ourselves) and what it is that we really want.


Dream (Photo credit: jbelluch)

Oftentimes we get degrees, go into business, and choose a career based on extrinsic things like money, flexibility, location, familial ties.  How often do we make our career choices based on intrinsic things?  How often do we choose our path or careers based on what really makes us feel good?

Moreover, why is it that we can see amazing talent and passion in others when we cannot see it in ourselves?

If I were to really hear the words of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and take them to heart, I would realize that my blueprint is right here on these pages as I find my sombodiness (such a cool word!).   In this particular moment in history, I believe that I am being called to write.  To just write as I think; to write as I talk; to ultimately discover what I will be in my life.

Mantra for today: I am worthy, I count, and my life does have ultimate significance.”

What do you think?  Have you found your sombodiness?