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It is amazing how slowly the days pass, but how fast the years go by…

So cliché, but so true!

Today, my Brayden started first grade!

I remember when my friend, who foraged this path before me, was feeling like the transition into the first grade was kind of bitter-sweet.  She was going to miss her son.

Once this year begins, our kids are in school everyday, all day, from here on out.

When my friend felt sad and missed her son when he was at school those first weeks, I clearly remember thinking that she was completely out of her mind!

I thought to myself… ” Oh what I would do with a WHOLE day to myself, what a dream, she must be nuts!”

But this morning…. I ate crow.

I totally got it.

And all these years, I was thinking I couldn’t wait for THIS day.

I felt so happy for him.  He was so excited.  He was up and ready at 7:15.  He had an “AWESOME” day ( in his words exactly).  He had a blast.

I am thrilled, and I am a little sad.  I did miss him.

Oh motherhood….what can I say?

How did you feel when you hit a school milestone??