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Brent uploaded his photos from our trip!

I thought I would share a few for this Friday edition 🙂

In the shuttle on the way!   Hanging with Xander, Aunt Erin and Michael for the day 🙂

A Volvo XC90 made entirely out of Legos!  This photo taken special for Diane 🙂

A glimpse into the future… Whoa Mads both hands on the wheel please…!

Brayden driving the boat alone… such a big boy!

Brent’s favorite Lego build

Life size Darth Maul, all legos, so crazy!  Cutie Husband…:)

I have been dying to go to Las Vegas!  Lego Las Vegas will have to do for now.

We did actually have a 30 minute layover in Vegas!  So I had to lose a quick 5 bucks, just to say I was actually there!

Last but not least, our major milestone of the trip.  Brayden lost his first tooth ( without a bike crash!) while waiting for the shuttle!  Now he has a perfect top/bottom hole, great for straws!

Signing off until the end of next week!  Another fun adventure coming up….

Have a fantastic weekend!