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Wow!  Friday!  Where did yesterday go??

I thought I would keep it light and bright for Friday…

This week Maddox has been going to Yoga camp…  I know!

Do you love his Yoga duds? or what?

When he was 2 1/2, Jesse McClintic, a mother at his preschool came in a conducted a Yoga class.  She and her sister Jamie Hopkins, (both amazing women!) own Imagination Yoga with their brother, here in Portland.

Since that day, Maddox was hooked!  He absolutely LOVED it!  Hilarious right?

My “spirited child” loving Yoga…

Since then, we have taken yoga and it is one of my attempts to keep him balanced, or as balanced as possible 🙂

So I thought I would pass along this mantra, thanks to Jamie and Jesse…this week at Imagination Yoga camp has been so fun for him!

“Kind Hearts, Kind Words, Kind Thoughts.   The best in me, respects the best in you. “

This week, when Maddox would go into full meltdown mode, or have trouble with his brother or a friend.  I just quietly repeat the mantra.

Just like that, he seems to hear it, and snap into his yogi mode.

Who Knew??  ( I guess Jesse and Jamie did…)

Thanks Jamie and Jesse!

What is your mantra? 

Happy Weekend Friends and Loved Ones!  I am signing off until the end of next week… we are going on a little adventure that I cannot wait to share!