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Yesterday, I did it!

I registered myself for the fall semester in a nutritional therapy program 🙂

I must say that through the process of writing my blog, and some loving pushes from my husband and mom, I have decided to leap back into school.  I will be taking three classes this term (one long weekend per month) and if I continue through the year-long program, I can sit for an exam to become “certified” in Holistic Nutrition.

Big Stuff!

So in celebration, I thought I would share the lovely salad I made this week!  I went to farmers market and bought a bunch of organic peaches and then found this recipe from Farmhouse Delivery’s blog.

Simple and delicious.  A homemade honey dijon vinaigrette with a splash of cream with buffalo mozzarella and of course, grilled peaches!

And of course if you are me, and live with my husband, you MUST add some bacon to top it off!


What are you going to take the leap and do that you have been thinking about?