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Good Morning!  Happy Tuesday!

If there is one thing about Summer, it is that there is NO routine (in my house at least)!  Once we get in a groove, a new week hits and we are off again!

Sorry for not posting yesterday, the boys are both in camp this week and I am a serious mom taxi!  Of course Maddox has camp in the morning, and Brayden in the afternoon, so no mommy time for me 🙂  Now that it’s Tuesday, I think I am in the groove for this week… so on to my question for today!

photo: vistamommy

Even with everything I do to try to instill gratitude in my kids, Maddox still whines and complains about all the things that he wants that he doesn’t have.

We are not talking food, drink, clothing, shoes…. I am talking about golf clubs, motorcycles, etc…

Is this just the age?  Or something more?  How do I instill a sense of gratitude for the (many) things that he already has? 

Is it unrealistic to expect a 4-year-old to get the concept?

I work really hard to always try to emphasize hard work.  There are certain jobs that the boys do around the house just to be a participant in our family.  They can earn quarters when they go above and beyond that.

When Brayden got his golf clubs, he did extra work around the house to earn 100 quarters (it took him 6 months) in order to get them.  Maddox also has a chart where he does extra work around the house to earn quarters to work toward the things he wants.

Yet still, on days like yesterday, I feel like I have raised a very spoiled child who expects that he should get everything he wants.  When I tell him we are not going to get the golf clubs ( for $100) he gets ridiculous…

What is this all about?  What are your experiences with these things?