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Wahoo!!  It’s Friday!

Social Media is amazing… people are so creative and come up with the most amazing things and now because of Pinterest and Facebook and other social networking sites, we can all share with each other!

Since we have been exploring and eating according to a Paleo lifestyle with a Primal twist, I have found that whenever I want to cook something, someone has already tried it and perfected a recipe.

This week after berry picking, I had about a million berries.  I wanted to make a crisp and so I turned to the internet to find a Paleo Berry Crisp recipe.

Ta Da!  Of course there were several to choose from.

I chose a recipe by Everyday Paleo and it turned out pretty good!  It wasn’t quite the buttery, crumbly goodness of a “regular” cobbler, but with a little whipping cream on top, it totally did the trick!

This is how I roll in the kitchen… stuff everywhere!!

Pretty yummy!  Good for breakfast too…. 🙂  tee hee

I did a quick little search on Pinterest this morning and found some amazing looking Paleo dessert recipes to try… here are just a few!  I will report on the taste factor once I get to making them…

photo: The Alkaline Sisters (recipe here)

Photo: Health-Bent ( recipe here)

Photo: The Primal Home (recipe here)

Delish!!  Well, maybe…

As much as I am “into” the Paleo/Primal thing, I do have to admit that some things look a lot better than they taste ( let’s be real people…)!  But most of the time, the Paleo recipes are a great substitution for the more traditional versions which I will take!

The weekend is calling (and the shower…big day here!)!

What are your weekend plans?  Are you going to satisfy your sweet tooth?