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Good Morning!

Today is random thought day~ Happy Thursday!

Persian Limes in a grocery store.

I think of eating and food in the same way I think of smoking and drugs.

Weird statement right??  Let me explain.

Not only can it be an addiction for some folks, but we know so much about our food and how it affects our bodies.  We also know so much now about how processed foods impact our health and how pesticide use can be harmful to our bodies.

So given all that we know, how can we continue to put these harmful things into our bodies?

That’s the tie in with drugs and smoking ( in case it was still a little foggy…).

I am totally random, forgive me!

I just can’t do it.  I can’t make processed foods and conventional produce a daily part of our lives.

A lot of the time it makes me feel like such a snob.

Last night I stopped into the grocery store to pick up some almond butter.  Brayden loves quesadillas so I thought I would pick up a pack of tortillas as well.  I switched over to corn tortillas a while ago ( Brayden is the only one who eats them around here!) and as I am looking at the ingredient list, there were so many preservatives and random crap in them.  I just couldn’t do it… I couldn’t buy them.

I felt like such a snob.

But I know there are tortillas at Whole Foods and New Seasons that just contain corn and lime… so how could I buy the others?

The bummer about the whole situation is that in order to take care of our bodies and eat healthy, we pay bigtime for it.  That drives me crazy.

When looking at our budget the other night, by far, we spend most of our very modest income on our food.  But in the end, totally worth it to me.

So I am vowing to become an amazing gardener and farmer and as the years pass, my garden will grow and provide for our family!  ( and hopefully give our checkbook a break!).  I better get to work and get more land- wink, wink…

Hereford Steer

Hereford Steer (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Today I am taking the plunge and we are investing in a quarter cow… although it is money up front, it seems to be the most economical way to get quality grass-fed beef that is raised locally.  We have been thinking about it for a while, and found a farm that still has some shares available.

Just another step on our journey…

What steps are you taking on your personal journey?