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I thought after my outdoor inspiration post yesterday, I would share our outdoor progress.

I have really found joy in having a garden that actually has produced lettuce and veggies for our family.

Given that I am not typically a “green thumb”, I spent several hours reading and researching and planning our garden this year.

What I have realized is that having a garden is a lot of work! 

I have learned how to weed, prune, and care for a growing garden ( as well as with plants in the yard) for the first time in my life.

Even though it was a lot more work than I expected, I am loving it!  I have big plans to expand the garden for next year and maybe even experiment with some winter crops…  we’ll see on that one 🙂

Without further babble, here is the photo update on our progress:

Maddox’s sunflowers are now MUCH taller than he is!  Can you tell how stoked he was to come outside for a photo this morning??

Brayden’s brussel sprouts, the sprouts are coming!!

Our volunteer pumpkins… we didn’t plant those, but they popped up!  I think they are pumpkins??

Squash and what’s left of the lettuce


And more tomatoes!

Another crazy volunteer pumpkin (?) that I am just letting grow… kinda purdy next to my patio 🙂

You see the sun shining??  It’s going to be a beautiful day!

How is your garden growing??