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As I sit here this morning at my computer, my whole body aches.  From head to toe, everything hurts.

I spent the day yesterday pruning, pulling weeds, yanking up plants that needed to get out of my yard and oh my I feel it today!  I really do need to get back to the gym, this is pathetic!


I thought I would share some outdoor inspiration courtesy of, you guessed it, my Pinterest board!

It will help me to keep my eye on the prize in hopes that someday, I too will have a pinterest worthy outdoor space 🙂

Here are some of my favorites!

photo courtesy of : Vintage Rose Garden

I love the blue fence!

I love the covered area made with the tin roof (is that what it is??).  Might be noisy with all the rain here in Portland, but it is awesome looking!!  The lights are great too.

Super cute little embellishment, Love…

And for my beach house…. I really am inspired (dreaming) huh?

What would your dream outdoor space look like?  Where do you get your outdoor inspiration?