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Each year as we get older is another milestone.

Happy Birthday

Today marks another year for my mom lovingly referred to in our family as “Bubbie”

I wanted to write this post today to honor her.  After all, she is the most amazing, kind, generous and loving bubbie.

I think it was on my 21st birthday (or maybe my 25th?, they all blend together….) when my mom wrote me a note that she has since kept and re-sent to me on the “milestone” years since ( at least 10 years…. I think I just dated myself!).  Since last year was year 35 for me, I received my letter via email (we have moved away from paper and into the current technological age).

She claims that all these years later it is still true 🙂

As I was reading it this morning when purging my inbox, I was overcome with joy.

The note described my mother. 

If all these wonderful things are true, about me, than I must be just like her 🙂


I thought I would share it with you ( and you, sweet Bubbie- as you are my most loyal reader!).

“This milestone year will bring you all kinds of experiences and challenges both positive and negative.  But please know that I am convinced that you have all the positive qualities, good sense, honor, warmth, and strength to move forward and realize your potential and dreams.  Sometimes the comfort of the tried and true may be a draw but I am sure you will take all those small steps forward towards all kinds of new possibilities.  You will always know that you are loved by your parents (interject Children and Grandchildren).  The knowledge that you are never alone will give you that extra power.  Even if we are physically far or in the same neighborhood our closeness will never be taken from us.  I am proud to see your growth into a lovely young woman, mother and wife.

Bubbie (Debbie)
Happy Birthday Bubbie!
How do you celebrate Milestone years?