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This special edition guest post comes to you from a very important person in my life. As my sister-in-law and friend, Cindy is not only the impetus for the start of this blog, but such an inspiring person to many. She is a beautiful person inside and out, and has an amazing perspective which allows her to really see the world and reflect on herself so intuitively.

Thank you Cindy for sharing this piece.

Enjoy friends!

” Like many driven, Type-A women my brain is constantly at work. It seems there’s not a single moment of peace in my head. There is a constant voice – sometimes positive and mostly negative – telling me that I should do more, that I should BE more. More what?

The other day I woke up and headed to the gym (yeah!) to get on the treadmill. At one point during my run I caught up with the voice in my head. She’d been talking the entire time I was on the treadmill and when I finally realized it and REALLY listened, she sounded something like this: You have to keep running until this song is over. If you don’t then you’re a wimp. Are you a wimp? You’re going to do more than the two miles than your training plan says – you’ve got to do three.

Let me interject here that I am 75 pounds overweight and work 50+ hours per week at my job as the Executive Director of a local nonprofit. This particular morning I was up at 5:45am and went to the gym to train according to my 10K training plan. Why couldn’t the she-voice celebrate the simple fact that I was running? That I was training for a 10K? That I was exercising not just my body but a healthy choice!

I realized that all of the talk in my head was weighing me down more than the 75 pounds. It was primarily a negative voice causing damaging static in my mind. That night I decided that I was going to be more aware of the talk in my head, and work to silence it. To create some white space where there was room to breathe and to simply “be”.

I am learning that it is within the white space where I most clearly hear the truth. In the white space I create, I can harness the she-voice and train her to be my ally and cheerleader; my confidant and friend. It takes a lot of practice to be quiet but I am finding peace and joy when I live in the white space.”

photo via Pinterest.com

How do you find your white space? Have you learned to be quiet and find peace and joy?

Happy Friday!!