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Brayden is a cowboy.   He has always said he wanted to be a cowboy when he grows up ( or a roper, a rodeo clown, a cutting judge, you get the idea…. horses) 

For me, it is completely foreign because I am totally afraid of horses.  When I was a kid, I was at summer camp and we were riding horses and of course me being the biggest kid ( as usual) they put me on the most gigantic horse.  All I remember was this one ton animal taking off with me on it’s back. 

I think in reality, the horse maybe decided to take me on a little trot and it was most likely not a scary situation, but for me being little, it scarred me for life.  I am just not very comfortable with horses, so of course that would be the one thing that my son absolutely LOVES.

Thank goodness for Brent’s horse loving, horse owning, horse riding family… 


On our trip,  the boys got to ride Aunt Julie’s horse for the first time. They had done the pony rides at the fair and that type of thing, but this was different… it was the real deal.  They had a blast.  It was like really seeing Brayden in his element… he couldn’t get enough.  

He even took the horse to a trot, which was totally exciting 🙂 


I think I’ll just let Aunt Julie do the horse stuff 🙂

What have you gotten to see your child do lately that they absolutely love??