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] Maddox enjoying the sunshine at Avila Beach

Growing up, every summer we went the beach every Wednesday. We would meet a group of friends at lifeguard tower 27 and spend the day, every week, boogie boarding and enjoying the ocean and sunshine.

One of my greatest joys as a mother lately has been to share new experiences with my boys and be reminded of my childhood. If they enjoy the experience, it is even that much more fun for me!

Although the coast of Oregon is breathtaking, it is not a place where the kids can frolic in the water and play…brrrrrrr! So, we hit the beach twice while we were in California and I would have to say that one of my best days was when I got Brayden on a boogie board for the first time!

He loved it and although he had blue lips and was shivering, he couldn’t get enough!

I loved being in the water with him and teaching him how to catch a wave and just being out there with him brought back some of my favorite childhood memories.

Have you been able to share some of your favorite childhood memories with your kids and/or young family members?