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We are back from our trip home to California and I have so many things to share with you!

I originally intended this blog to be a documentary of my thoughts on being a mom and finding my “purpose”, sharing our dietary and kitchen adventures and a tad of the things that make life as a mom, and woman, a daily adventure…

This week, I think I will share more of the things that make my life as a mother so amazing… We had so many wonderful experiences on our trip, firsts for the boys and time with great friends that I feel it is worth documenting on the blog, even though it may be a bit of a departure from my original intention 🙂

It is so great having a dad that needs to have the latest technologies. That means, when he upgrades, we get the “old” stuff 🙂

So, our family is the proud owner of a “new to us” Ipad!!

I thought I would begin my series of posts related to our trip with my own personal “drawcumentary” of our drive home. With 16 hours in the car, I had to find some entertainment!

This was about 1pm, beautiful trees and sun shining!!

With the hillside in the distance, trees on every side!

Snow-capped Mt. Shasta…. no idea what time…. getting delirious by this point!

Gas fill up… ouch! Gas prices are crazy!

9pm… need I say more? Good times.

We finally got home at 1am, the boys were such troopers and we had an amazing stop in Ashland, Oregon for dinner. It was a beautiful night!

Although I am not an artist… I thought this was a fun way to pass the time! Ipads are fun! ( Thank you Papa!)

It’s nice to be back and feeling inspired!!