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I have always been into nutrition and health and read and inquired about different nutritional topics.

English: vegetables

English: vegetables (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Recently with my research on how to garden ( since some of us don’t naturally have a green thumb!) I have really come to appreciate the beauty of veggies and gardens and the work that goes into making them thrive.  I feel like such a dork sometimes!

I will look at my garden and just be so excited to see the growth.  When I harvest my lettuce, I feel exhilarated that I grew it!  When I see other gardens or walk through the produce section at Whole Foods, I marvel at the beauty in the colors… I know… I have gone totally woo woo… ( Is that a word?).

Whole foods

Whole foods (Photo credit: parislemon)

When I heard that an amazing mom at Brayden’s school had applied for, and received, a $5000.00 grant to build and grow a garden at his school I wanted in!I went to our first meeting the other day and I am so thrilled to be on the ground floor of this important project for our kids.  The build-out will be in September and I will be in charge of bringing the community and kids in with events and activities.  I will keep you posted on our progress 🙂

We are going to construct a garden for and with the school community, compost food scraps from the cafeteria to use in the garden, and eventually use the food grown in the garden to feed the children in the cafeteria.

How cool is that?

For experiential learners ( like Brayden) the garden will be used to teach lessons to meet learning targets for each grade and the kids and community will have the opportunity to work in the garden to make it something beautiful for us all to share…

I am selfishly hoping to gain some gardening tips along the way too!

Take a girl out of California and put her in Oregon and she becomes a hippie!

What are your garden tips for building a community garden?