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This weekend was our 2nd annual trip to the motocross track for Fathers Day.

Once a year, I go to the motocross with a happy heart, no complaints, no worries (yeah right!) and I swoon over my wonderful husband as he rides like the wind and flings himself many, many feet in the air on his dirt bike.

This is the place where I really see my husband.  I see him enjoying his passion, full of life, unburdened by responsibility, and taking care of himself.

Sometimes I forget, as challenging as it is at home with the kids, that his plight has its own challenges.  Feeling the pressure that he puts on himself everyday to “take care” of us and all the feelings of pride and failure that can sometimes come with that.

It is nice to spend one day every year with him doing only what he loves and allowing him the time to just really be in his passion with nothing else holding him back.

As you can tell… the boys had NO fun 🙂

And then come Monday, it is back to the grind.


I am the queen, yet again, and it becomes all about me.  ( Did I really say that?) Ha!

What did you spend your Father’s Day doing this year?