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The next phase of our dietary madness has been aligning ourselves with the Primal philosophy.

I really can’t take the credit for this one as Brent has been the captain of this ship.

It started when he found Mark’s Daily Apple online which prompted him to  read the book “The Primal Blueprint: Reprogram your genes for effortless weight loss, vibrant health, and boundless energy” by Mark Sisson.

He was convinced that: 1) It made perfect sense and 2)  I would love it.\

I have to admit that I was feeling a little resentful of yet another dietary change.  I had just gotten into the gluten-free, chocolate-free, peanut-free lifestyle and finally felt that it was second nature and then here is one more curveball being thrown in my direction.

When we make a change in our family, especially in the way of diet, I am the one who is impacted the most.  After all, the hats I wear do include the grocery shopping hat, recipe finding hat, chef hat, and many more…

So to say the least I was skeptical…

But how could I resist when Brent had been eating this way throughout his three-week long trip to Asia and was feeling better than he had felt in the last year.

So here we are…

I am almost done with the book and it is really interesting.

I have not had bread in three weeks (well except the pizza the other night that I thoroughly enjoyed!!)

I have made Primal/ Paleo granola and muffins ( via Elana’s pantry)…

So far so good!  We are only a couple of weeks in, so I will give an update in a bit…

No one wanted to invite us to dinner before with just our gluten-free, everything-free plan, now, we are really on our own!!

Has anyone given the Primal lifestyle or Paleo lifestyle a try?