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My, how time is flying!

Hard to believe I haven’t posted in a week!  Seemed like just yesterday that I wrote my last post…

Hard to believe that my baby is done with Kindergarten and will move onto the first grade!

Brayden on his last day of Kindergarten.

Brayden on his last day of kindergarten

Hard to believe that the rose bushes that were just thorny stems are now beautifully in bloom…

Hard to believe that my youngest cutie turned 4 and is now wanting to be a black belt in Taikwondo…

Just like the last week has gone by in a blink, the last 6 years seemed to have flown by.

Just like that, my kids are becoming more and more wonderful as they move through life.

I am just trying to enjoy everyday and live in the now so that I don’t miss it… although even with this consciousness I still feel like it is going way too fast.

How do we really enjoy this time without it getting away from us?

Happy Friday!!  Enjoy every moment!!