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Do you remember my empty garden beds??

And my little baby sprouts?

I am such a proud mama right now!!  We just ate our first salad with lettuce and spinach from our very own garden!  Yes, it’s true!!  Can you believe it??

I am so excited that our garden efforts actually are starting to look like we will have veggies!  Wahoo!!

Look at this!  drumroll pleeeeease…..

Brussel Sprouts are sprouting!

Lettuce and Kale and zucchini!

It totally makes me want to be a farmer!  I am currently batting my eyelashes and very sweetly trying to convince my hubby that we need to have farm fresh eggs… yes, I want to be a chicken lady 🙂

It’s not going over too well… but a girl can dream right?

How are your gardens growing?