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Isn’t it funny how even when we are sure that everything is going to be ok, we still sit and stew and worry about all the “what if’s” that are possible?

That is what I do at least.

This is me “stewing” this morning as I waited for the results of my follow-up mammogram…

When I was 6 weeks pregnant with Brayden, I found a lump in my breast.  Well, back that up… before I got pregnant with Brayden I found a lump in my breast.  I was sure it was nothing, so I figured that since I would be going to the doctor in the next few months I would just ask about it then.

The next time I saw the doctor was a month or two later when I was pregnant.

Big lesson learned.  The lump wasn’t nothing and required an ultrasound.

Talk about freak out.  Here I was, 6 weeks pregnant with my first baby facing the possibility that this lump could be something that wasn’t nothing.

The ultrasound concluded that the lump was NOT fluid filled ( which would have been nothing…) and so I then had to have a breast biopsy.

In the end, it was benign, thank goodness.  What a scare.

In the years since, I have found another benign lump, had annual mammograms, and seen a breast surgeon.  All of which have turned out to be fine… whew.

Six months ago they saw a little spot on my mammogram and wanted to do a six month follow-up which brought me to today.

Even though I hadn’t felt any changes and felt deep down like everything was alright, for that 8 minutes that it took for the doctor to read the mammogram and get back to me with the news that it was good, I sat in that quiet little dressing room thinking about all of the “what if’s” ( and snapping a quick photo…).

I guess the thinking, and the quiet, makes it that much more wonderful when the nurse returns and says the magical words ” everything looks good!”.

I am grateful for my health today.

What are you grateful for?