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The boys both have their birthdays in the month of May.  Who planned that one?

I have managed every year to con them into sharing a birthday party, which makes perfect sense to me since they would have identical birthday parties with all the same friends…

So this year we are having a little family party in CA and I had a great idea that I was going to try to make gluten-free, chocolate-free, peanut-free cake pops (along with the regular gluten-filled, chocolate variety for Brayden!).  Got to test them out on the friends first… so off to our test kitchen we went!

The boys are completely obsessed with Legos so I went online and found the cutest, easiest (sounding…) recipe for Lego guy cake pops!  Perfect!

This is what they were supposed to look like….

photo: livinglocurto.com

Thank you to livinglocurto for this great recipe!

Too bad there was no way that I was going to be able to pull these off!!  I was really confident  ” I totally got this”

When my two “helpers” and I got into the kitchen with the candy melts, sticks and cake balls, it quickly became clear that there were going to be no Lego guy head cake pops coming out of this kitchen!

This is what we ended up with…

See our attempt at a Lego brick??  Yeah… you see it right?  Aren’t the pops delightful?

The candy melts were everywhere, the balls were falling off the sticks and at the end of it all, the edible markers totally didn’t work!

Well, I guess you can’t win em all!  Brayden however thought they were PERFECT and all of our friends ate them all up!  Looks can be deceiving!  Or maybe when they look so bad the expectations are low??   HA!

A total bomb, but total fun!

Happy Monday!