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Can we ever really realize our potential?  Are we ever done reaching our goals?

I don’t think so…but it is really a matter of definition.

As we reach one goal or achieve one dream, another is formed and I don’t think that we ever really get there.  It is fluid, constantly changing.

I think the key is to make sure that along the way we bask in the glory of achieving each goal and enjoy the moment in the present.

Can you tell I am a little intense in the goal oriented, achievement category??  I am a doer, that is certain.

Lesson number (who knows what number??):

If we ever “realize” our potential, we must be dead.

It sounds so bad, but really think about it.  Living is about dreaming.  Living is about loving and learning and exploring and the journey of it all is what makes up the substance of our lives.

When we have reached a point where we have realized our full potential, if we are not physically dead, our spirit most certainly is.

Our lives are filled with challenges.  We all have different challenges, and our experiences of those obstacles are different depending on who we are.  For me, when I am facing a challenge, it is what I envision for myself and my family that keeps me moving forward.

Throughout the years of financial struggle that my family has experienced, I always had a vision that looked so different from the reality of the current situation.  It was that vision, that “potential” that I saw in our family, Brent and I really, that kept me going.

When I look at my mission statement for my life, It truly expresses my vision of my potential; my commitment to myself that I am going to unlock my dreams and move forward in pursuit of my vision for myself and for my family.

Do you think that a person can really reach their true potential and achieve ALL of their dreams?  What is your definition of “potential”?