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Look out! Potential!!

Look out! Potential!! (Photo credit: M0les)

It is so interesting how by just putting my mission statement in writing makes it feel so real.  It has now gone out to the universe and it feels like a commitment and in turn achievable for the first time.

It is funny how also in this process of making my mission statement I feel like what I have set out to achieve will actually happen.  So amazing!  It just feels really different to look at it as opposed to just think about it.

When I think about what I consider to be my “potential” there is still so much left to do.

I remember when I turned thirty and my mom asked me the question “what are you going to do in your thirties?”  My answer was that I was going to finally “realize my potential”.  I suppose I have always felt that I had so much in my life that I am meant to do and I just hadn’t yet gotten there.

When we become mothers, so many of us put our own “potential” on hold to invest ourselves in the throes of what we believe to be the potential of our children.

This is completely natural.  Of course as mothers we are going to spend most of our time making sure our children are reaching their ultimate potential.

When we think of it this way, it becomes so obvious that one of the sacrifices that we often make as mothers is to put realizing our potential on hold.  I think the challenge is figuring out when to lift the hold and begin toward reaching our own goals alongside the goals we have for, and with, our children.

For me, the time is now.   I see “potential” as a progressive, changing thing.  I guess I am really talking about reaching our goals and achieving our own dreams.

When will your time be?  Is it now?  Was it yesterday?   Tomorrow?