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These are my new Mother’s Day TOMS!!

When I took the boys to buy my first pair of TOMS shoes a month or so ago, Brayden picked the silver glitter pair for me and really thought I should have them.

I convinced him at the time that for my first pair, I needed to get a more basic, subtle pair ( I picked RED!) but in the future, the glitter would be really nice.

He told me that very day that he really wanted to get them for me for Mothers Day (aww…) and HE DID!

He took his daddy to the store, showed him which ones and there were, and delivered them to me in bed yesterday morning at 5:30am!  This kiddo had been waiting for weeks to give them to me… how cute is that?

Mother’s Day was so wonderful!

My boys, best friends, sunshine, and relaxation, what could be better?

What was the best part of your day?