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jkklglh (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

So, I was scouring the internet a couple of weeks ago trying to find the perfect gift for my mom for Mothers Day.

I came across giftcertificates.com and as I am cruising their website, I see a tagline that says:

“Do you know a mom who has earned the title World’s Best? If chosen, your nominee will win a $200 supercertificate!”

As I am reading this little tagline, I am thinking… “why yes, I do know such a mom and she happens to be mine!”

So I proceed to write a little statement in 200 words or less about my mom and why she is the greatest.  It literally took me less than 5 minutes, because for me it was so straight forward.  I know exactly why she is the best and it didn’t take any thought to put it into words.

I hit the submit button, went along my way, and completely forgot about it.  I totally forgot about it.  I didn’t mention it to my mom, my husband… I just sent it off into cyberspace.

You can imagine my surprise when yesterday I got a crying message from my mom telling me that my nomination was chosen and she is getting a $200 certificate from giftcertificate.com!

She is the grand prize winner of the “World’s Best Mom 2012” contest! Wahoo!!

It is nothing compared to all of the love and support she has given me over the years, but just a small way of letting her know that she is the BEST! (Mom, I know you are the first one online in the morning reading this… YOU ARE THE BEST!)

To all the amazing Mothers out there- Happy Mother’s Day!  May you be celebrated, appreciated, and given the opportunity to sleep in!!