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There are so many parts of being a parent that are wonderful (and so many not so wonderful, let’s be a little honest…), but I have to say that to date one of the most wonderful developments that I see in my kids is their imagination.

It is a fabulous day when play dates become transformed from a mommy circus where you are the main attraction having to offer entertainment, to the type where you are just in the way.

Recently if the boys are playing with friends, I will attempt to get involved and it quickly becomes apparent that I am just not on their level and am more annoying than anything else… so I go fold laundry (there’s that stupid laundry again!) or write and it is a win win for all.

As I sit here and ramble on, Brayden is involved in a play date in which horses are flying (not literally), dirt bikes are getting repaired, workers are riding trains and the animals in the barn are sleeping and all I am doing is sitting upstairs ( in my fuzzy pants of course) and writing!  This is the best! 

There comes a time when it is easier to have another child over for a play date, than to just have your own kids!  The novelty of new toys for the other child and the new play environment from school to home or whatever the relationship entails provides so much fun and imaginative possibility that as a mom, you can actually get a lot done.  Not to mention the trade-off that can be quite rewarding as well; the other parent will offer to have your kid over and then ta-da, you get some free time!

There are definitely parts of our children getting older that take a little time to transition into as a parent, but this change is fabulous and it has taken me no time to get into it!

What is your favorite part about your kids getting older?