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Got ya at the title huh??  Had to wake you up this morning, somehow!!

Yes, you guessed it!  I am talking about Protein!!

When we eliminated Gluten from our diets (or Brent and Maddox rather…) I had to find a substitute for power bars and cliff bars.  When Brent would travel for business, those were the staples of his diet because he always had to supplement his meals with protein bars.  It is so hard when you are travelling and at the mercy of others as to when you can eat.

So, in my search for the perfect gluten-free, chocolate-free, peanut-free protein balls, I found these two great recipes!  I have made them both several times and they do not last much more than a day or two in our house.

The protein balls seem to be more like a dessert or cookie, whereas the bars are a little more “functional”.

The recipe for the bars is here.

photo courtesy of: crazysexylife.com

Of course I substitute the chocolate chips with carob chips and the peanut butter with sunflower butter!  I have also added ground flax-seed to these for a little added bonus and it came out great. I also find that I don’t think the taste changes much if you don’t toast the oats… so I don’t ( I am lazy that way!).

Now, for the balls…. Recipe here.

These are delish!!!

If I don’t hurry and roll the dough into balls, the boys (the big one, Brent, is the worst…) get to it and eat it all before I can even finish!!

This recipe is so easy….just toast the coconut, dump all the ingredients in the bowl and you are good to go!

Of course, sunflower butter and carob chips again…

But at least if the family is eating these “cookie balls” , as we call them, you feel like they are eating something with some nutritional value, ya know?

So there ya have it!!  Bars and Balls for a Friday!  Have a fabulous weekend friends!