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I was raised in a family where I was taught to express myself and my feelings, and I feel like I was always told the truth about what was going on (age-appropriate of course.)

As a parent, it is really hard to know how to tell our children the truth about “grown up” things and when different conversations are appropriate.

big brother telling little brother a secret - ...

big brother telling little brother a secret - _MG_2222 (Photo credit: sean dreilinger)

Do we wait until our kids approach us with a topic to discuss or do we cut them off at the pass and beat them to it? 

In my discussion with a good friend the other night who has an 8-year-old, we were wondering when the topic of sex begins to be discussed, how to answer their curious questions without becoming school children ourselves and giggling out of discomfort, and when and how much do you say?

My kids are too young for this still, but it will be right in front of me sooner than I know it- yikey!

It seems like kids are so much older today than we were, and as a parent, I think I want my kids to hear things from me first before it is discussed on the playground.  I want them to have appropriate information and the accurate information.  Right?

Oh my…. just when you tackle one small parenting hurdle, the next jumps out in front of you!!

What have your experiences been with telling your kids the truth about grown up topics?  How do you say things in an age appropriate way?