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 I have been cooking up a storm trying to find some snacky things that are healthy and tasty (a sometimes difficult combo!).

Kale Chips!

I know for those of you that are not that familiar with Kale, these may sound kinda gross… but readers beware! These are really good and can be addicting!

Easy too!

First you start with fresh Kale ( I have used green and purple…both good!)

Wash it and dry it really well on paper towels or dish towels and put it into a large bowl.

Next, drizzle with olive oil.  Not too much but just enough to get each leaf glistening.

Then lay them out on baking sheets and bake in the oven at 200 degrees for about an hour.  They are ready when they seem dried and crunchy.  If they get super brown, they are too done!

That is perfect!  I have tried to salt the kale before baking and I completely over salted… I find that it works better to salt after they come out of the oven.

Brayden literally devoured an entire head of Kale in one sitting… that has got to say something!

*Side note- Kale chips do not seem to store well in Ziploc bags.  I have found them to store best in an open bowl or sealed glass container.

What are your favorite snacky recipes?