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Isn’t it so amazing how two little boys with the same two parents, living in the same home with all the same things can be so incredibly different?

Photo credit: Finickygirl.com

I know I have mentioned this in previous posts, but I truly believe that our kids are who they are from the moment they are born.  I think Brayden and Maddox were their own people with their own unique personalities from day one.

As parents, I do not deny that because of the people that they are, we may parent each boy a tad differently , but for the most part, their environment is identical and yet they could not be more distinct.

This is not to say that what we do as parents or the environment that we provide for our children doesn’t affect the type of adults that they become, or how we parent holds no bearing on who they are.

How much of what we do determines the people that they become? 

I am so excited to continue to watch my boys grow and develop their own interests.  It will be so interesting to see how they utilize their unique personality traits in their lives.

I can only hope that as they grow and learn they know that they are loved and admired for who they are and always have been (even if who they are can pose a great challenge to their mommy sometimes!).

What are your thoughts?  Nature or Nurture?