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As we continue on our “alternative” journey.  I thought I would share a bit of our journey with Brent and his Ulcerative Colitis.

The medication options for Brent that Western medicine offers are all quite scary.  As we sat in a seminar at Oregon Health Sciences University, the one thing that became crystal clear to both of us was that the medications ( Remicade, Pregnazone, the list goes on…) were going to be an absolute LAST resort for us.

We have resolved to try everything we can before going there…

What I find so fascinating and intriguing about Naturopathic medicine and ancient healing techniques is how different they are for each person.

For Maddox, we are doing a lot of bodywork through Craniosacral therapy as well as a few different Unda numbers drops, whereas Brent’s regimen is much more based on supplements and daily routine.

Outside of the dietary changes we have made (gluten-free, no chocolate, no peanuts) Brent is to do the following daily:

Take a bunch of supplements!  probiotic, Unda Numbers, Glutamine, Sea Cure,  Purified Fish Oil…

Place a white flannel piece of fabric soaked in Castor Oil on his abdomen for at least 30 minutes nightly…

Loofah (Hechima).

Dry Brush with a loofah sponge in  the direction of the heart every night…


Shower (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Hardest one… at the end of a nice warm shower, rinse the extremities and abdomen with cold water! Yikes!

Lastly, in a flare up… eat only Lamb bone broth and steamed veggies (made with love by yours truly!)… yum yum.

It is definitely challenging and Brent is doing amazing.  He is so incredibly disciplined and I am not sure if I was in his shoes if I could be as great at doing all the different things.  I suppose though, you get to a point where you are so frustrated and tired of feeling bad that you will do whatever it takes!

(Brent… you are amazing and I know we will conquer this!)

What funky things have you tried in the name of health?