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Health (Photo credit: 401K)

Moms are not allowed to be sick.  I guess we are allowed to be sick, but it doesn’t change anything for our job so I think it best that we just stay healthy to make it easier on ourselves.

Yesterday- I woke up sick.  But when I am sick, I am not really that sick (I am so thankful for this!!) .  It always seems for me that I am sick enough to feel like total poop, but not sick enough to throw in the towel on being a mommy.

When Daddy is sick- the Daddy hat gets hung up and all bets are off.

My sick day yesterday looked a little like this:

  • Got to sleep in until 6:30.
  • Had to get out of my fuzzy pants…. So unfair!
  • Walked Brayden to school
  • Sat down for about 30 minutes but had to watch Dinosaur Train… so does that count?
  • Folded not one, not two, but three baskets of laundry and put it away ( I know!)
  • Picked up Brayden
  • Went to the grocery to get Tilapia for a yummy dinner (that I couldn’t taste!).  Recipe for another post!
  • Made the boys lunch.  Short order cook style- quesadilla for Bray, meatballs for Mads.
  • Hit the mall for the Lego store and a new pair of red TOMS J
  • Came home,  laid on the couch for 30 minutes
  • Made Kiwi salsa, guacamole… is the anticipation building for the recipe??

So much for the whole R&R thing huh?

I can’t complain.  I just cannot seem to lay around as much as my mind says I want to!   But that’s the life of a mom, no time to be sick; there is work to be done!

All moms are amazing and there are so many out there that get up every morning and wear all of their mom hats despite incredible odds.  I am thankful that I have my health and appreciate every moment of it.

Great Quote that happens to be written on the wall in my gym ( which I haven’t seen in quite some time!) :

The first wealth is health– Ralph Waldo Emmerson

How do you handle your mom hat when you feel like poop?