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African buffalo at Wild Animal Park San Diego

Brent and I have been reading a book called The Primal Blueprint: Reprogram your genes for effortless weight loss, vibrant health, and boundless energy by Mark Sisson.  The purpose of reading the book is not for effortless weight loss (but would be a nice bonus!) but because it focuses on a Paleo style diet with easily digestible foods.  We are not going full into this diet lifestyle (at this point) but taking tidbits here and there and gaining more info.

That is the history, here is the story for today…

I was a daring gluten-free chef extraordinaire this week!!!

I took this recipe  (thank you gluten free chops!) for gluten-free, dairy-free lasagna and transformed it into… drumroll…..

Gluten-free Buffalo Lasagna!!

I used the recipe and did the lasagna noodles with the steaming method she suggested which was really different, but worked!  I cooked up the Buffalo, threw in some zucchini, spinach, carrot, tomato sauce, blah blah….  and it turned out great!

When I got past the fact that I was eating Buffalo, it was quite good.  Supposedly Buffalo is a great alternative to beef.  Lower fat, easier to digest and tasty to boot… who knew?  Not me!

The little people even enjoyed it and they thought it was awesome to eat a Buffalo.

There ya have it- Buffalo!

Have you tried out any new meats or funky ingredients lately?