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I will never forget the day that I found out I was having a boy.  I was thrilled, and then almost instantaneously terrified… I called my mom and her first reaction following her joy was “What are we going to do with a boy?”.  My sentiments exactly!

Being the only child to a mother who was an only child,  and completely text-book “girl”, I had no idea what to do with boys.

It is funny to look back now on the anticipation, the fear and more than anything the uncertainty.

Toy truck

Toy truck (Photo credit: Remi Longva)

Now I spend my days building motocross tracks out of playdoe, digging for worms in the dirt, building helicopters out of Legos and constantly hearing the sounds of cars and sirens from the TWO boys in the backseat as I drive.

Oh Boy!

I don’t care what people say about how we condition boys to like trucks, motorcycles (Brent is probably guilty there…), and “boy” things; I really believe it is innate in their gender.  Boys and girls are just different, in my opinion.

My boys have spent countless hours with me in my “workshop” making jewelry.  We have baked and cooked and experimented in the kitchen.  Maddox has his own princess band aids because those are his favorite.  But at the end of the day, they want to wrestle, sword fight, play outside in the dirt, ride bikes and work in the garage with tools.   

What have you found to be true about gender? What are your opinions on whether we condition our kids to be a certain way?