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I was watching Oprah‘s Life class the other day ( I know…  I totally admit it.) and her guest was Tony Robbins.  They were talking about changing the story that we tell ourselves, and of course (I am still me…) it got me thinking.

What story do I tell myself?  What do I believe about myself that keeps me stuck?

I suppose this philosophy can relate to many different facets of life, but the focus in my world right now has been purpose and passion and where I stand in relation to that.

I think the reason that my 35th birthday seemed to be so monumental was because the story I was telling myself was that I was past the point of being able to start new.  I have finished my education and I was basically feeling like I had to work inside the box that I had created for myself 10 years ago.

I was being so lame.  Totally lame.  I have Brent and my mom to thank for that realization… I can’t take the credit  (they were a little nicer… they didn’t exactly say I was being totally lame, those are my words.)

Think outside the box

Think outside the box (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

So, I am going to put this out there into cyberspace.  Here it goes…

I am going to explore an education in holistic health education, naturopathic medicine, or nutrition science.

Crazy right? It might be.

But as my mom and Brent both pointed out, what do I have to lose?  Time is on my side and I have the time right now.

I am excited to look at my options, professional avenues, and finally follow the path that I should have pursued many, many years ago.

So here’s to busting out of old boxes and obliterating the lame story that I have been telling myself for a long time.  Here’s to being 35 and starting new.  Here’s to being excited about something, even though it is an overwhelming thought.  Wahoo!

What are the stories that you tell yourself that keep you stuck?