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Since we have moved to Portland and away from our immediate families, the holidays have definitely taken on a different shape.

We have made wonderful friends and been able to spend many holiday meals and times with them, and there have been many holidays that we have spent quietly as a family of four.

If there is one thing I can say about our move, it is that it has really forced our little family to create new traditions that are all our own, and have new holiday experiences.

This Passover and Easter weekend, we hit the road and headed to Bend, Oregon.

courtesy of my iphone 🙂  so purdy!

Did I mention that I love groupon?  I picked one up for The Seventh Mountain Resort in Bend and we had a great time!

It is so amazing how much fun we can have just in changing our environment.  All the boys need is a hotel room (which is so fun in itself!), some dirt, and if there is a swimming pool (which there was and heated at that!!) we are really in great shape!

I feel rejuvenated, reconnected and it was wonderful to get to spend time together without the dishes, laundry and housework calling to us…

I pinched myself several times (gently of course…) in awe of my boys (hubby included…), how amazing all three of them are and how thankful I am for my life (laundry and housework included…crazy how gratitude can just hit you… thankful for laundry really?? that may be stretching it, but it sounded good).

We really need to get away more often!

Do you have any plans for a getaway??