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Have I mentioned that I LOVE Pinterest?

I think I have.

Pinterest has replaced my recipe websites as the number one place I find new recipes.  It was on Pinterest that I found foodgawker.com ( love it!) and so many gluten-free gems.

My “spirited” child and high maintenance husband (and I say those in the nicest way possible!) both really like shrimp.  It happens to be gluten-free ( hallelujah!) and quick to cook, although when you have to make two pounds at a time, it can take a while to devein and peel ( I know, I know… I buy them raw).


Greek Shrimp! 

You can find the recipe here.

Start with the shrimp.

Oh I slaved away…peeling, deveining.

I double the recipe as it is intended to be an appetizer.   It becomes an entire meal for us when I make a loaf of the delicious gluten-free bread… voila!

Saute’ tomatoes and onions, add wine and few other things…

I just adjust according to the ingredients I have on hand.  The recipe calls for green onion (which I think tastes better than red, but it was still good!) and fresh mint and basil.

Ta Da!!

Easy.  Delicious. Love.

A hit in this household!