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I Surrender

How many times have I said this as I am throwing my hands up in the air?  But the truth about surrendering is that I never can quite do it.  And when I say surrender, I guess I am really saying acceptance; acceptance of the fact that there are always, maybe more times than not, going to be things that I just cannot control.

At those moments when I realize this, the control freak in me (which is pretty much every part of me) thinks that there must be something that I can do at that moment to change what will ultimately happen.

I wish I could just hand it off to the “powers that be” and be done with it.

How do we really surrender and just let go? 

Maybe if it becomes my mantra, eventually I will be able to just let go. 

Just today, I was talking with an amazing friend (who happens to be the strongest most wonderful woman) and I found myself telling her that she needed to just surrender everything at the moment, be at peace with what she knows, and really just focus on taking care of her.

Great advice, especially coming from a woman who has no idea how to do it.

I surrender.  I surrender.  I surrender.

Have you been able to just let go?  I would love to hear your stories!