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I am so thrilled to bring you this “Spotlight”!

This guest post comes from Savannah, a mom that I admire so much for her outright dedication to her family, not to mention her amazing ability to coupon!  Yes, Coupon!!

As someone who tried her hand at couponing (after being inspired by Savannah!), I can tell you- it is an art form!  It is a lot of hard work and I wasn’t so great at it…

Here is her post.  Thank you Savannah for sharing a bit of your story!

Savannah’s kiddos: Aiden (8), Alec (4), Mia (3)

 Most days I wake up thinking “here we go again” BUT then, I immediately scold myself and think “I am given this day and I better make it the best TODAY it can be”. There are so many funny things that happen to me daily, and if I cannot laugh about most of these things, then I will probably cry (I am a crier, fyi).

Something that I can always count on: the multiple comments from strangers about how young I look. I say “funny” because I have chosen to think it’s funny. I used to think it was rude, annoying…embarrassing. “Wow! You have three kids? What are you, 16?”. Yes. This is what one woman said to me about a year ago as I chased my three children around Papa’s Pizza Parlor. I was so hurt that I struggled to reply. “Um, I am actually almost 30…but thanks so much for the compliment!” Yep. I had to lie a little (I was 27 at the time). Inside, I wanted to cry. Now, I laugh.
Okay, so I kind of started “off topic” but, just wanted to give you a sneak peek of how I think people view me as a mom. It really sticks with me. I am conscious of it.
Back to topic. Several years ago (maybe 4-5) I came to the realization that money may be tight for us, unless I do something proactive about it. My husband has always worked full-time and I have worked several different types of jobs (some part-time, some full-time). I wanted to do my part, something that I knew I could control and that would be consistent (we all know that jobs can come and go). At the time, I had 2 children. They were both young. I took on nanny jobs, babysitting, in-home daycare, school (for me) and cleaning jobs. You name it. I wanted to stay home and knew that it made the most sense financially.
Then, I was introduced to coupons. COUPONS. Oh, how I love coupons. I started clipping them to save money at the grocery store. It helped us save a bit. I started shopping what was on sale and pairing the sale with the coupon. I kind of figured out the basics on my own. After my third and LAST child was born, I needed to step up my coupon game. A friend of mine was always going on and on about how she doesn’t pay for diapers, wipes or really any toiletries. I was floored. So, I started getting on coupon and savings blogs and researching. It got intense. I was addicted. But, here I was with a two babies in diapers! I figured out the strategy and the tips. It all started flowing…and let’s just say that for my last child (and for the remainder of time that my second was in diapers) I didn’t have to buy diapers, wipes, baby wash, you name it.
This has really been life changing for me and for us as a family. I know that sounds so cliché. But, it’s the truth. I am saving hundreds per month by using other blogs for advice and tips (and weekly coupon/sale match-ups). I come up with deals on my own. I email companies for coupons. I buy produce in season and when it’s on sale. Also, keep in mind, we are a family of 5 and we use only organic milk, yogurt, produce and meat. I would say 80% of what comes in to our house, food-wise, is organic or at least nitrate/nitrate-free and so on (you get the point).  I hear this all the time: ” there are only coupons out there for processed and unhealthy items”. NOT true. I could go on and on about that to prove you wrong. That’s another post altogether ;) winking.
Hey, it’s not all about coupons. But, it is about trying to live frugally and having a happy and healthy family. There are so many factors in the savings game. And, if you know me, you will find out that I am all about helping others figure out how to save for their family, too!
Savannah, Mom of 3
Have any of you tried your hand at couponing?  Any questions for Savannah? 
Happy Friday!