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Spring is in the air.

My allergies are totally flared up (sidenote…) and the season is underway!  For me that means one thing…

Spring Cleaning!  I know I am a total freak…

So what you ask is calling to me today??

Yes… this is my closet.

Are you kinda embarrassed for me that I am actually sharing this?  I know…

It is painfully obvious that we need to get some things organized here…

The first step:

clean out all the stuff that we don’t wear.

Why is it that we have a closet packed full and we find ourselves wearing the same few things over and over again??  ( unless I haven’t done laundry of course… 🙂  )

Do you think it could ever look like this?

Photos: the Container Store

Ahh…. wouldn’t that be nice.

Or this…

A girl can dream…

So I am off to do the periodic “closet clean out” and try to get some sense of organization going in the closet.

What is calling you today?