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I am loving cookies right now! I know most of my food posts have revolved around the topic of cookies and this my friends, is no different!

Today I am bringing to you two great cookie recipes!

The first of which has been tested in my “free of everything good” kitchen, and the second brought to you by my blogging friend over at laborofwonder.com!

 Trader Joes Gluten-Free Oatmeal Cookies

These are delicious!

In true Debbie fashion, I threw away the bag that the recipe is on!  Do not fret my friends, another very smart blogger, did not!  I found a version of the recipe online here.  This one even uses the Sunflower Butter 🙂  The recipe is also on the back of the gluten-free rolled oats bag from Trader Joes.

Great texture, great taste.  You can even somewhat justify them for breakfast- oatmeal and sunflower butter… a little protein, a little fiber… yep.

And as an Ode to the Girl Scout Cookieshere is a link to the homemade Samoas recipe at Laborofwonder.  Thank you friend!

Happy Friday!