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Made from Bamboo Rattan Vietnam

Made from Bamboo Rattan Vietnam (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Why do I feel like right when I am on the verge of catching up (because I always feel about two steps behind) something comes up and I am right back there running the race trying to finish? 

That is not to say that things are bad, in fact, things are great.  But when it comes to getting my shit (did I say that?) together,  the next thing emerges and there I am again trying to “get ahead”.

Not to harp on the laundry thing, but I sometimes feel like laundry can be a cliché for life.  Just when you fold that last pair of undies, the dryer alarm goes off telling you the next load is ready to be folded.

It’s not to say that I feel overwhelmed every day, but I would be lying if I said that my mind wasn’t constantly planning and running down the day’s events; my iPhone is constantly alerting me because if it didn’t, I might not know what I was doing.

Is this just the life of the stay-at-home mom?

I guess when I was a working mom I thought that was just the way it was because not only was I trying to keep my tasks straight for my business, but I was also managing my home.  But now that I don’t have the career to manage, why do I still feel so behind?

I always thought that when I was “just a mom” with my “office” at home with the kids that my house would be spotless, everything in its place and never envisioned my bedroom with multiple baskets of clean laundry as a seeming staple of the décor.

In fact, maybe we should invent designer laundry baskets that match current décor trends for those moms like me who always have a least two if not five sitting around all the time.  If I could choose my custom laundry basket it would be a beautiful bronze to compliment the burnt orange bedspread on my bed (not that it is usually made or anything!).

Here is my gratitude piece for today.   I am thankful to have a home in which to stack my laundry baskets to raise my healthy children in.

So I am over it- I surrender… for now.

What color(s) would your designer laundry baskets be?