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Today marks my 35th year.  Wow.  How can I be 35 when I feel like 21 was just yesterday?

Isn’t this card hilarious?  Diane really knows this girl!

For some reason, the half decade years seem to cause more of a “disturbance” in my world than the big decade birthdays…

I clearly remember my 25th birthday.  I was living with a roommate, still in graduate school, my mom was paying my rent, and I was utterly and completely single with no marriage in sight.  The biggest thing I remember was thinking ” Wow.  I thought I would be much older at 25″.

As I move into my thirty-fifth year, I have a similar feeling in the sense that I guess my vision for what my life would look like is completely different from what it actually looks like.  Not a disappointment, my life is filled with so much joy and amazing things, but just different.

So that leaves me with the obvious.  Again, I am not the quickest on the whole obvious thing…

 It is time for me to redefine my vision.

How is it that when our lives are constantly changing minute to minute,  that our visions for ourselves seem to remain unchanged in some areas of our lives?

When I think about my idea of what I thought my life would look like, or even what I would look like, I realize that it is so outdated.  It is like a 1980’s vision that is totally out of style (although we all know the 80’s are coming back!).  But you get the idea…

So my goal for this year?

To stop being so hard on myself.

To redefine my vision.  For my life and for myself.

To be where I am, right now.

To never lose sight of all the amazing joy that I have in my life and appreciate every single moment, or at least every day.

Today is my day.  I am officially rounding the corner and well into my thirties…now when you round-up, I am closer to 40 than thirty.

But the forties are the new twenties, so technically I am still a teenager right?