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This weekend I got some much needed F’s!

Fabulous Friends.


Gluten filled, chocolate covered, and topped with Peanuts.


Fresh Fruit.


So Much Fun!!

Yes!  A night in Seattle, Washington with two of my favorite people.  It was so wonderful to be together, no distractions.  Have a conversation that we could start, and actually finish. Nordstrom. Starbucks. Need I say more?

I feel rejuvenated, filled up and ready to get back to the routine.

Isn’t it amazing how a little break in the daily routine can just really reset your system?

It’s kinda like the muscle confusion concept, but with shopping, girl time, a little wine (and whine…), and great food.  If you mix things up and change up the routine a little, you can jumpstart your program and get amazing results!

What will you do to mix up your routine in order to reset and rejuvenate?

Happy Monday!  It’s back to the grind.